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KC5004 CATS kitchen pattern cotton line blended fabric wholesale
KC5003 CATS Japanese design printed Cotton 80+Line 20 mixed fabric
KC5002 ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ linen mixed Japan fabric sell by the roll
KC5001 CAT Cotton 80+Line 20 Japan Canvas sell by the roll
CM40001 DOG shibainu kawaii pattern printed fabric(COSMO textile)
AP11404 Bichon Frise with Popcorn dog printed fabric(COSMO textile)
1129BR-1 Manekineko cat +traditional pattern fabric(Sevenberry)36M,10M
HJ2083 Funny CAT Japan wholesale animal printed fabric 36M
HJ2073 Maneki-neko Beckoning cat lucky animal pattern fabric Japan
HJ2072 CAT Karakusa pattern animal Kawaii fabric wholesale
1126NJ sleeping CATs  animal like indigo Japanese cotton wholesale blue 11M
HJ2033 Camellia Japonica & Cats floral pattern wholesale fabric
No.1024 cat Cotton20+Linen80 made in japan fabric animal 14M( cosmo textile)
No.1023 funny cat fabric double gauze (sell by the roll 14M)
No.1022 CAT Cotton80+Linen20 mixed fabric printed (14M sell by the roll)japan