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How to wrap/bind your chest by Sarashi 2 (not folded)



How to wrap/bind your chest by Sarashi 2 (not folded)

How to single fabric and wrapped around the body

There are two ways to bind Sarashi your chest or belly.
Introduce the second way.
1) First, you take the sarashi for its ends and fold it in a half about 20cm long. Take the corner of the first part of the cloth where you are going to start wrapping.
(your torso, if you are a woman, or around your stomach, if you are a man) Since the cloth width is narrow, it is easier to wrap it.
how to bind your chest 1
2)  Bind it for several times. The number of binding depends how you like it.  Tighten well, but not too much. It is to prevent Sarashi from loosening.
**Tips for binding**
+At first you have to put Sarashi carefully and neatly and try to bind it properly.
+Bind Sarashi a little bit tight each time you roll it.
how to bind your chest 2
3) Every time it’s on your back,   you should twist it.
Since it always on a bit different spot, it would not likely make you feel  uncomfortable.
how to bind your chest 3
4)You repeat the same moves, until you have wrapped it whole.
5)In the end, the edge of the fabric are put into the wrapped Sarashi.
This way, it can hardly slide and fall down.
how to bind your chest 4
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