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Customized Tenugui made easy. Online



Customized Tenugui made easy.    Online

Minimum order quantity is 1 piece! Let’s create your personalized products! 

・Our Sarashi can be personalized with group’s name, date, company logo, custom design, or Japanese, English, any languages.
・If you’re looking for a promotional giveaway, our printed Tenugui work best.
・We’ve got 2 printing techniques, so you can find one that best suits your needs.

We can take small lot orders 
・We accept orders starting from 1 piece!  
*Please note* You can choose ink jet print if you prefer 1 piece. Other printing methods are different minimum order quantity. Please request for quotation.

List of the Most Popular Custom Tenugui usage
As a pride flag.
Personalized Custom goods for your shop.
promotional giveaway.
For the anniversary  goods of the foundation.
commemorative item for your store’s 3rd anniversary.
a small gift for your guests.
As cloth for wrapping wine with the company logo.
If you would like to make a custom Tenugui, we will give you an estimate.

How to Order Personalized Custom Tenugui


1. Please send us your design for printing on the tenugui.

 2. Select the dyeing printed technique
 ① Dyeing (Chusen technique)

 ② Textile printing

If you want to know more, CLICK HERE ↓↓↓

 3. Select Sarashi fabric type below.
*We recommend Kafuu sarashi.  It can be printed that nicely.
The reason for this is that Kafuu has thinner threads and a more fine texture than Mashiro.
4.  Your order quantity
5. Your address (required for shipping cost estimation)
6.We will make an estimate.
*When ordering, the customer can confirm an expected completion image of the product

 Dyeing & Printing (for customized Tenugui)

You can choose from 2 kinds of printing methods on textiles.
We suggest the most appropriate service to suit each customer’s needs and design.

1. Dyeing

Chusen Dyeing method.
・You can choose single color or multiple colors.
*As the number of colors increases, the price also increases.

・The design appears on the backside.
Because the color is applied while penetrating deep into the fibers.

・The texture and absorbency of the fabric are not impaired. Because the dye soaks into the fabric itself, the texture.

・The cost is higher than printing.

Because there are more work processes.

・It has a good feel to it! (than printing)

*We recommend dyeing.

2. Printing -Silk screened printing method-

This printing method deposits pigmented ink onto the surface of the fabric.

・It can be specified the colors.

・It is good at printing fine designs.
Because blur-free and clear.

・Outlines of the pattern are clearly reflected with vivid clarity.

Because pigments are not bleeding.
・The back side is white.

Because the pigment is onto the surface of the fabric, not permeate into the fibers.

・It feels rough when you touch the printed part.

Because pigmented ink is put onto the surface of the fabric.

・Cheaper than Dyeing.
Because there are few processes.