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New Crepe Fabric Introduction


New released Japanese Chirimen fabric

We have started selling new Chirimen crepe fabrics.
New product does not shrink easily, fantastic design, and high quality.
And Made In Japan.

I checked the inspection data of crepe fabric with the new supplier.  According to it, the possibilities of shrinkage is only 1% after drying.
Actually, I got a samples and tried an experiment on the shrinkage degree.
I also checked the color fading along with the degree of shrinkage.

  1. At first, I checked the size.

2. I prepared a piece of new released Chirimen crepe fabric and water. First of all, measure this size.

Put the fabric into the water.
To soak it in the water for five minutes.

3.   I also check if to lose it’s color at this process at the same time.
I took it out of the water, pressed it against a white cloth, and let drain.

4.  OK! It hasn’t lost it’s color.

5.  Let’s measure the size.  It is the almost same size with the first.

According to the results, this polyester crepe almost doesn’t shrink, (wash by hand) and also not faded. Overmore, it is quick to dry and doesn’t wrinkle easily. It means that it keeps new appearance for a long time.

Comparison of images before and after