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Sarashi for stomach / chest binder

Sarashi is usually used for wrapping on chest and stomach.
It is used all over the world for different purposes.


For Cosplay, mainly, there are 2 kinds of usage.
One is used for making the chest flatten for women to disguise as male animated cartoon character.
Another is used for disguise for animated cartoon characters who are wearing it as an undergarment.

Making flat chest for FTM Transgender

Sarashi is used for the purpose of flattening the chest like men.
Since this material is 100% cotton , it is comfortable and will not feel stuffy.

  Sarashi is fit for any figure.

Sarashi is a piece of fabric about 10m. It is different with chest binder which is similar to the shape of a bra.
Once people know how to wrap it, they can make it fit with ease.


When wearing the chest binder, it has a limitation for the choice of clothes.
As most of the chest binder has the wide shoulder strap.
Sarashi has no shoulder strap, therefore, you can wear it with any costume.


As it is included on the top page. There is a long history, Sarashi is used from samurai warrior which existed in Japan.
Since many people use it so far,  you can use it with ease.

Low price

It is very reasonable.
The common length is about 10m long, it can be used for 2-3 times.
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