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folder Linen

LOA-59000-2 KOKKA kikko pattern cotton80+Linen20 japan traditional fabric
LO-59000-1 KOKKA PLAID cotton80+Linen20 japan fabric sell by the roll
No.1026 BIRDS & Flowers cotton/linen japan fabric (sell by the roll) 14M
No.1024 cat Cotton20+Linen80 made in japan fabric animal 14M( cosmo textile)
No.1022 CAT Cotton80+Linen20 mixed fabric printed (14M sell by the roll)japan
No.1021 CAT animal Cotton80+Linen20 mixed fabric printed (sell by the roll)
No.1003 Linen 30+cotton 70 plain fabric unbleached
No.1006  Rough Linen 100% plain Japanese fabric
No.1002 Linen 100% Japan ecru MOQ 2000 centimeters
No.1001 Linen 100% japan ecru MOQ 1500 centimeters
No.1015 Printed Linen 100% Polka dot pattern Japan Fabric 14M
No.1014 Linen 100% fabric 20 colors wholesale Japan