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Sashiko pre-printed fukin fabric
OLY-T <THIN>Sashiko threads solid cotton 100% 100M
OLY-F <THICK>Sashiko threads cotton 100% 100M
Daruma-SA-F DARUMA SASHIKO Thread Thick Solid color 30M cotton
Daruma-SA-FR Daruma Sashiko thick threads rainbow color 40M/100M
Daruma-SA-T8C Daruma Sashiko threads 8 Mix color 40M
Daruma-SA-T3C  Daruma Sashiko threads 3 Mix color 40M
Daruma-SA-T2C Daruma Sashiko threads 2 Mix color 40M
Daruma-SA-T Daruma Sashiko threads solid color 40m
OLY100M Sashiko threads cotton 100% 100M <basic thickness>
OLY20M Sashiko threads cotton 100% 20M <basic thickness>
SK1003 Sashiko Japanese embroidery set
SK1002 Sashiko Japanese embroidery set
SK1001 Sashiko Japanese embroidery set