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SK1003 Sashiko Japanese embroidery set


Sashiko making embroidery set 5 items

+This kit includes+
thread clipper. X1
Hana-fukin  *Pre-printed shippo pattern. X1
Sashiko embroidery thread X1
Sashiko embroidery needle x1set(+Sashiko thimble 1)
Thimble X 1
  —————Total 5 teims
+thread clipper  X1
Length: 105mm
Material: High-grade steel
include plastic cover for storing sharp edges and cardboard box.
Brand: Kamesaku
made in Japan.
+Hana-fukin X1
Item number:  OHF-H1019
Pre-printed Kikko pattern.
*It comes with Sashiko stitching guide.
Brand: Olympus
Color: White
completed size: about 33 X 33 cm
(fabric size: about 66 X 33 xm)
Material: cotton100%
 +Sashiko embroidery thread
Item number: 01-2400-205
Brand: Daruma
Quantity : 40M
Materials: cotton 100%
Color: Peacock Green
+Sashiko embroidery needles set
Item number: LH4345
*6 needles+1 needle threader for one set
Brand: Hidamari by LECIEN
Made in Japan
Thickness of needle : 0.84mm  Length: 41.3mm X1
Thickness of needle : 0.84mm  Length: 51.0mm X 1
Thickness of needle : 0.99mm  Length: 44.5mm X 2
Thickness of needle : 0.97mm  Length: 54.0mm  X 2
needle threader  X1
Item number: OLY30474
Material: Leather(cowhide), elastic string
Brand: Olympus
Price:  Please contact us
Item  Number:  SK1003
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