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folder Gold & Silver Japanese pattern fabric

HJ2002 CRANE FLOWER japanese pattern Gold & Silver 36M
HJ2080 Tsuzumi Yukinowa flower Japan pattern fabric gold
HJ2066 Dragon Ryu pattern Japanese unique fabric 36M
HJ2058 Geometric gold & silver wave Japanese traditional design feel fabric
HJ2056 Gold lines of chrysanthemum Japan pattern printed fabric wholesale
HJ2054 GOLD tsuru crane bird Mt.Fuji Japan pattern fabric
HJ2050 Wave,Cherry blossom,Tachibana,colorful Japan fabric sell by the roll
HJ2049 Colorful Japanese pattern cotton fabric sell by the roll
HJ2045 flowers & holding fan Japan Cotton Fabric 36M
HJ2044 Cherry Plum blossam Peony flowers Japanese pattern fabric
HJ2001 CRANE tsuru cloud gold japanese pattern fabric 36M
1134BR-D Gold Chrysanthemum floral holding fan japan chiyogami fabric(Sevenberry)
1133BR-B gold sakura clouds colorful japanese pattern wholesale 36M (Sevenberry)
1133BR-A Gold cherry blossom & ribbon chiyogami wholesale fabric 36M(Sevenberry)
1132BR-A Like Chiyogami japanese cotton fabric Sakura checker 36M wholesale (Sevenberry)