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How to wrap Sarashi for maternity belt



How to wrap Sarashi for maternity belt

The size of the pregnant women’s stomach is a big difference ranging from an individual to individual, depending if it’s an early stage, middle, or late stage of pregnancy.

Sarashi is great if used as bellyband (maternity belt).
If compared to other products on the market, it will have a great points over them, Sarashi can be fit for people of all sizes, and can be changed in order to adjust wrappings or strengthened or weakened if you need so.

Basic way of wrapping would be to wrap the bottom part of stomach if you would like to support a wide torso area.
So, Sarashi can be wrapped around the whole pelvis and then pulled up in order to tighten it a bit.
Pregnancy Belt
If the Sarashi is wrapped too much, it can be really dissatisfied for the pregnant person by pressuring it too much.
Binding edge is pinned by safe lock pin.

Sarashi is used to be worn since the ancient times.
If you bind correctly, it does not make too tight.
So pregnant women can have a comfortable time even in the humid summers.

We recommend this Sarashi.  It is a right product for it.

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