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How to wrap/bind your chest by Sarashi part-1

time 2016/03/26

How to wrap/bind your chest by Sarashi part-1

*** Ways of wrapping folded in two ***

Mainly,there are 2 ways for binding Sarashi.
This is the one way to bind to fold in a half.

1) First, you take the Sarashi for its ends and fold it in a half.
    Before biding, It makes easier to bind if you roll like scroll.


2) A fold on the top, and start to bind from the top.

3) Bind/Wrap it for several times, at least 2-3. Tighten well, but not too much.


4) Every time it’s on your back,   you should twist it, but always on a bit different spot, so it doesn’t get uncomfortable.



5) You repeat the same moves, until you have wrapped it whole.


6) In the end, the edge of the fabric are put into the wrapped sarashi.
This way, it can hardly slide and fall down.


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