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10M Ungen japanese fabric traditional rayon100% 10M

time 2020/11/25

10M Ungen japanese fabric traditional rayon100% 10M

No.1026  繧繝(Ungen) Japanese traditional (sell by the roll)

[Primary fiber] rayon 100%
[size] 1000centimeters(10M) X Width 70 centimeters
[color]  2 colors available (red, orange)
[Price]  20790JPY

About 繧繝(Ungen).
A coloring method in which the same color is repeated in layers from dark to light and from light to dark. It is transmitted from the western region of China and mainly represents patterns such as 宝相華(Hosogae). Colors such as red, blue, green, and purple were used for Buddhist paintings during the Nara and Heian periods, temple decoration, and dyeing and weaving.

They were used for person of high status in ancient times


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I am wearing indigo dyeing SARASHI.


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