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What is Double Gauze fabric

Double gauze fabric is two layers of gauze.

double gauze 1

[ Features of double gauze ]

  • durable material than single gauze
  • very light
  • smooth texture and comfortable
  • breathable
  • good for keeping warm

What is Double Gauze fabric used for

Double Gauze fabric uses for comfortable shirt, fluffy skirt, scarf and summer dress.

baby wrap

Specially double gauze fabric for babies is wonderful, like baby wrap.

By sewing double gauze can be made cozy baby blankets (swaddling blankets)  

Since there are variety design, You can make cute baby items to sewing with double gauze.

It also good for making quilt by this.

Where to buy Double Gauze fabric

We are selling 100% cotton Double Gauze fabric from Japan.

By the yard and bolts.

made in Japan fabric.

White (right side) and Unbleached (left side) double gauze, Kobayashi brand, and any other Japanese double gauze fabric.

double gauze 5

We can Double gauze fabric wholesale

If you need large quantity, We can wholesale any fabric more low price.

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