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Chef’s Cotton

cooking cloth

Unbleached Non-fluorescent 100% cotton Gauze Cheesecloth fabric Butter muslin Cooking cloth made in Japan.

Tough against heat and hard to tear.
It is best for cooking.
to use substitute for kitchen paper, to make it eco-friendly.

Brand : Chef’s Cotton
Item : Japanese cotton Gauze fabric

Material : 100% cotton
Size : 37.0″(94.0cm) x 13.5″(34.5cm)
Condition : Brand New

[ Suitable use ]
When you make Japanese soup stock, use this fabric as a substitute for filter.
As Draining cloth for fresh vegetable or other food.
As Draining cloth for japanese Tofu. It can drain off water.
As cloth for steamed cooking.
To make Tofu.
To give the moisture during the bread fermenting.
To make Wagashi(japanese traditional sweets).
Tea filter or a coffee filter.
And for various purposes.
Hand made mask, diaper for baby,…etc.


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Cheesecloth fabric Butter muslin

Koinobori (Japanese fish kites)


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