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1134NJ Wave Japanese traditional pattern like indigo  wholesale fabric 11M
1133NJ Kawaii Kasuri cherry blossom like indigo cotton fabric 11M
1132NJ Like Indigo cherry blossoms petals design cotton fabric whilesale 11M
1131NJ Like Indigo Tsubaki Japanese flower wholesale fabric 11M
1108NJ Like Indigo SAKURA cotton japanese fabric 11M
1130NJ  Japanese Chilli pepper pattern like indigo red ancient wholesale cotton fabric 11M
1129NJ SUZU ring bell tinkle Japanese traditional like indigo pattern fabric 11M
1128NJ CHIDORI birds pattern Japan like indigo cotton fabric wholesale 11M
1127NJ Rabbit Usagi animal pattern Japanese cotton fabric 11M wholesale
1126NJ sleeping CATs  animal like indigo Japanese cotton wholesale blue 11M
1125NJ  Like Indigo Dragonfly japanese pattern naruto fabric navy wholesale 11M  
1124NJ Dragonfly Tonbo navy like Indigo insects wholesale fabric 11M
1127BR-5 SAME Komon japanese pattern cotton fabric wholesale 36M (Sevenberry)
1127BR-4  printed KANOKO Shibori pattern japan traditional fabric wholesale 36M (Sevenberry)
1127BR-3 SAKURA cherry blossom japan traditional cotton wholesale 36M (Sevenberry)