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Sashiko pre-printed fukin fabric
MF1008 FIREWOR crepe Japanese cotton fabric (11m)
What is the best length binding your body?
TENUGUI cotton 100% sarashi fabric(t201-t253)
祭 “Japanese festival”polka dots TENUGUI cotton 100% sarashi fabric(T50-52)
MF1007 funny CAT Japanese fabric animal  12M
MF1006 relax CAT  Japanese fabric animal  12M
MF1004 OWL lucky charm Japanese fabric bird
MF1005 CAT lovely printed Japanese fabric sheeting
MF1002 Firework Japanese ripple fabric
MF1003 CAT in the sweets kawaii Japanese fabric
MF1001 Parakeet bird Japan fabric wholesale
CO4003 flag  fishing boat flags Japan fabric(COSMO textile)
CO4002 Retro Japan tea room printed canvas fabric(COSMO textile)
OLY-T <THIN>Sashiko threads solid cotton 100% 100M