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Sarashi as maternity support belt

time 2016/04/16

Sarashi as maternity support belt

Sarashi as bellyband for a pregnant woman.

Japan has a custom in which the women in the fifth month of pregnancy can go to “Shinto” shrine in order to pray for her safe delivery by wrapping Sarashi around her stomach.

Usage of sarashi is not only for this custom. Pregnant woman can have comfortable time by wrapping stomach correctly by Sarashi so it can be used daily.

Usual belly bands make more pressure to the stomach, and as it gets bigger and bigger the pressure will be stronger, and it will be harder to move.
Also, it causes unpleasant feeling in hot season, itching or be poisoned by stuffiness the part of wrapping belly band.

Since the material cotton 100%, it can be failure of chips can be minimized for stuffiness of hot season.

So in comparison to the regular belly bands Sarashi is much better.


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